Saturday, 23 October 2010

Great news for Halton

I am absolutely delighted with the news from this week's Spending Review that the Mersey Gateway project is being supported by the Treasury.

The hard work done by Halton Borough Council, the Mersey Gateway Team (led by Steve Nicholson), and local and national politicians of all parties looks to have paid off. They all deserve great credit for their commitment and endurance during this long campaign.

It is also a great tribute to this Government, who has recognised that although paying down the deficit (after Labour's decade of debt) is our priority, so too is investing in key capital projects which will deliver jobs and prosperity for our country. As I have written many times before, the Mersey Gateway project will benefit not just the people of Halton, but the whole North West region.

In these dark economic days, this is a ray of bright shining light. Well done to everyone involved.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Chancellor supports Mersey Gateway

I was really pleased to hear the Chancellor's supportive comments last week about the Mersey Gateway project, describing it as an ‘incredibly important project’.

We all know how difficult the economic climate is within government and what a mess the Labour government left us with. We also know how important this project is for Halton and the north west; delivering jobs and investment that will build a long term legacy of growth for the region.

During my time as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Halton I gave my full support to the project, trying to use whatever influence I had with the key decision-makers.

I hope that the new government will be able to support the Mersey Gateway despite the disastrous economic situation it has inherited.