Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ivan Cameron

David Cameron and his whole family are in my thoughts and prayers today on the loss of their son, Ivan. I have written to David this morning and offered my condolences on behalf of Halton Conservatives and all the people of Halton.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Mersey Gateway- Halton Conservatives' position

Please see below the text of a letter I have sent today to our local media in Halton:

Following recent commentary and debate on the Mersey Gateway project, I am writing to set out Halton Conservatives' position on this important issue.

We fully support the project which we believe is vital for the continued economic development and regeneration of Halton and the surrounding area. We regret that the government is failing to fund the bridge in the way that it does with similar infrastructure projects in other parts of the country. However, our position is realistic in that we recognise that in these circumstances, without tolls, there will not be a new bridge.

The key now is to ensure that we deliver the best deal for the people of Halton. We will campaign for the lowest possible tolls so that Halton residents who need to use the bridges every day to drive to work,school, or to support their families, have a fair deal.

Halton Conservatives will be using the public inquiry and every other opportunity to put this case on behalf of the people of Halton.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Commission on Transport in the North

William Hague has launched the Conservative Party's Commission on Transport for the North of England which will identify the area's transport priorities. The Commission, established by the Northern Board of the Conservative Party, will be headed by Peter Mileham, a senior businessman from Yorkshire. The Commission's membership reflects a wealth of business and transport experience.

Launching the Commission in Leeds, William Hague, Chairman of the Northern Board, said: “For eleven years of this Labour Government, we have had much talk about investment in the infrastructure of the North of England but little delivery. Only this month we had road widening schemes cancelled and plans for a High-Speed Rail line that stops halfway to the North.

Commenting, Conservative PPC for Halton, Ben Jones said: “We will work closely with the Commission to ensure that the transport priorities and needs of the people of Halton are fully represented. We will ensure that on key projects, such as the Mersey Gateway, the people's voice is heard. "